Volleyball dig

The volleyball dig has been one of the most adored sports tactics ever since volleyball was introduced in the 1964 Summer Olympics. With two teams made of six players separated by a net, the main objective of volleyball as a game is to make the ball touch down onto the opponent’s court.

One of the most common terms used in this game is volleyball dig. Basically, this refers to the action made by a defensive player where the volleyball is passed back from a starting down low position. After the ball has been “digged”, it is either spiked or passed back. Digging is mostly aimed at ensuring a spiked ball does not hit the ground. This technique is always crucial in keeping your team in play by preventing a score.

Important techniques in delivering a good volleyball dig

Maintain the right position

This is mostly determined by your team’s defensive formation. If that is not the case, always take your position according to the general direction of the spike coming from the opponent’s side. Before the opponent takes the shot, ensure you watch the position of the shoulders in relation to the ball. This is helpful in guessing where the ball might be hit, thus making it easier to achieve a good volleyball dig. Try exploring the opponent’s target positions in order to cover them on time.

Volleyball dig

It is best to make a volleyball dig with both hands.

The stance

About the stance, you should ensure you keep it low when taking the dig. The knees should be bent for stability and to allow room for direction. Standing on your toes may help you move forward or sideways to receive the ball. When you are ready, you can now make the volleyball dig with both hands. Once the ball comes your way, connect your hands and form a flat platform for a good volleyball dig. This connection can be made on either side of your body in relation to the direction the ball is coming from.

Managing the ball

If it seems impossible to control a certain ball, you can use your fist to block it back into play towards your teammate. Diving can be done in situations where the distance is too far and you want to make a volleyball dig. A good sprawling towards the ball can be the best solution in such a situation. Some of these volleyball drills can also be found in volleyball movies. These are some of the basic tips you can keep in mind to make a good volleyball dig.

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